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Our custom spaces and golf rooms provide the perfect space to disappear and play many of your favourite golf courses. Your space can be multipurpose allowing you to enjoy the space when your not golfing.

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Impeccable Design


Swingpod modular buildings are solidly constructed and can be flexibly sited, with minimal foundations required there is minimal mess.

A fast and convenient ‘plug & play’ solution.

Top Quality

Energy efficient materials for high-performance in every environment.

Stylish Modern

Beautiful spaces that provide luxury multiple use.


Golf Rooms designed around your requirements.

Design Flexability

As well as our standard models, Swingpods can be customised to meet your design and size requirements. Allowing you to build a space to fit with your ever changing needs.


Exceptional Performance

Built in the UK to a high specification that exceeds current Building Regulations, Swingpods are built to a standard design with a choice of exterior decor and simulator models.


Fast Installation

Swingpod modular buildings are self-supporting and relatively lightweight. This allows them to be flexibly sited with minimal foundations and minimal mess.


Multi Purpose

Your space can be more than just a golf room, with many uses and options, adding Cinema, Gym, Garden room and more.

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