Custom Trackman Golf Room

Build Your Premium Home Simulator

  • All The Leading Launch Monitors
  • Premium Impact Screens
  • Nylon Astroturf Options
  • Studio System Hitting Turf
  • Laser Projectors
  • High Speed Gaming Computers
  • Suede Acoustic Protective Tiles
  • Pet Felt Protective Panels


Custom Installed Golf Room Packages are designed as exactly that. Fully installed, working to your space and ideas.

Trackman 4 or Trackman iO

Installation is also available for our SimBay range of enclosures and kits.

We will help to plan your room to optimise the space you have. With so many options, colours and technologies its best to talk over your requirements.

Please view the gallery below for options on protective panels and PCs (All our technology will perform well for your chosen system but we also offer premium options to suit:- Laser Projectors, Alienware PC’s, Laptops and much more).


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